Traffic Signal and also Erectile Dysfunction

Impotence (ED) is a highly usual problem, impacting practically every male at one factor or an additional. It has a profound impact on state of mind, sensations of self well worth as well as quality of life, resulting in stress and anxiety and/or clinical depression. Although traditionally linked to older guys and also health concerns, ED is swiftly raising in frequency as well as has become an usual trouble even in boys. The subject we will certainly resolve in this write-up is whether traffic signal can be of any kind of usage to the condition.

Impotence essentials

The sources of impotence (ED) are numerous, with the most likely reason for a specific relying on their age. We won’t enter into these carefully as they are as well various, yet it breaks down right into 2 major groups:

Mental erectile dysfunction

Also called mental impotence This kind of aberrant social performance stress and anxiety typically comes from previous unfavorable experiences, creating a vicious circle of paranoid ideas that cancel stimulation. This is the main reason for disorder in younger men, as well as for different factors is quickly increasing in frequency.

Physical/hormonal erectile dysfunction

Different physical and also hormonal concerns, typically as a result of general aging, can lead to problems down there. This was typically the leading cause of erectile dysfunction, influencing older men or males with metabolic concerns like diabetes mellitus. Medications like viagra have actually been the go-to option.
Whatever the reason, the end result involves a lack of blood circulation into the penis, an absence of retention and also hence an inability to begin as well as maintain an erection. Traditional medicine therapies (viagra, cialis, and so on) are the first line of defense offered by medical professionals, yet are by no means a healthy long-term option, as they will upregulate nitric oxide’s results (also known as ‘NO’– a potential metabolic inhibitor), boost abnormal blood vessel growth, harm unconnected body organs such as eyes, and also other negative things …
Can red light help with impotence? Just how does the effectiveness and also safety compare to medication based therapies?

Erectile Dysfunction– and also Traffic Signal?

Red and infrared light therapy (from ideal resources) is researched for a wide variety of concerns, not just in people but numerous animals. The complying with prospective mechanisms of red/infrared light treatment are of certain interest to impotence:


This is the technological term for ‘much more blood circulation’, due to extension (boost in size) of capillary. The reverse is vasoconstriction.

(Fig 1. Picture demonstrating how blood flow boosts with boosted vasodilation)

Several scientists keep in mind that vasodilation is promoted by light therapy (as well as likewise by numerous other physical, chemical and also enivornmental aspects– the mechanism whereby the extension transpires is different for all the different variables however– some excellent, some bad). The factor that improved blood circulation helps erectile dysfunction is noticeable, and also is necessary if you wish to treat ED. Red light might possibly boost vasodilation with these systems:

– Carbon Dioxide (CO2).

Generally considered a metabolic waste item, co2 is really a vasodilator, and the end result of respiration responses in our cells. Red light apparently acts to improve that reaction.

(Fig 2. Picture of oxidative metabolic process (aka cardiovascular respiration) that occurs in mitochondria.)

– carbon dioxide is among one of the most potent vasodilators known to man [2], conveniently diffusing from our cells (where it is produced) into blood vessels, where it connects nearly instantly with smooth muscle cells to cause vasodilation. Carbon dioxide plays a substantial systemic, virtually hormone, duty throughout the body, impacting everything from healing to brain feature [2-5]
Improving your CO2 degrees by supporting glucose metabolic process (which traffic signal, amongst various other things, does) is crucial to solve ED. It also plays an extra local function in areas it is produced, making straight groin and also perineum light therapy of passion for ED [6] In fact, a rise in carbon dioxide production can result in a 400% boost in local blood circulation.
Carbon dioxide additionally helps you to generate more NO [11], an additional particle pertaining to ED, not simply randomly or over, but just when you need it:.

– Nitric Oxide

Stated over as a metabolic prevention, NO really has various other results on the body, consisting of vasodilation [3,7] NO is generated from arginine (an amino acid) in our diet by an enzyme called NOS.

The issue with too much continual NO (from stress/inflammation, environmental pollutants, high-arginine diets, supplements) is it can bind to respiratory enzymes in our mitochondria, avoiding them from making use of oxygen. This poison-like impact stops our cells from producing energy and carrying out basic features. The main concept discussing light therapy is that red/infrared light could be able to photodissociate NO from this setting, potentially allowing mitochondria to function typically once again (see Fig 4.).
NO doesn’t only work as a prevention however, it contributes in erection/arousal responses [8,9] (which is the mechanism exploited by drugs like viagra). ED is specifically linked to NO [10] Upon arousal, NO generated in the penis leads to a chain reaction. Specifically, NO reacts with guanylyl cyclase, which then increases production of cGMP. This cGMP leads to vasodilation (and thus erection) via several mechanisms. Of course, this whole process isn’t going to happen if the NO is bound to the respiratory enzymes, and so appropriately applied red light potentially shifts the NO from a harmful effect into a pro-erection effect.
Removing the NO from mitochondria, via things like red light, is also key to increasing mitochondrial CO2 production again. As mentioned above, Increased CO2 will help you produce more NO, when you need it. So it’s like a virtuous circle or a positive feedback loop. The NO was blocking aerobic respiration– once liberated, normal energy metabolism can proceed. The normal energy metabolism helps you use and produce NO at more appropiate times/areas– something key to curing ED.

(Fig 4. Various mechanisms by which red/IR light may cause vasodilation.)

Hormonal improvement


As we’ve discussed in another blog post, red light used appropriately may aid in maintaining natural testosterone levels. While testosterone is actively involved in libido (and various other aspects of health), it plays a vital, direct role in erection. Low testosterone is one of the main causes of erectile dysfunction in men. Even in men with psychological impotence, an increase in testosterone levels (even if they were already in the normal range) can break the cycle of dysfunction. While endocrine problems aren’t necessarily as simple as targetting a single hormone, light therapy seems of interest in this area.


Not necessarily something you would link to ED, thyroid hormone status is actually a primary factor [12] In fact, bad thyroid hormone levels are detrimental to all aspects of sexual health, in men and women [13] Thyroid hormone stimulates metabolism in all cells of the body, in a similar way to red light, leading to improved CO2 levels (which mentioned above– is good for ED). Thyroid hormone is also the direct stimulus that the testes need to start producing testosterone. From this perspective, thyroid is a sort of master hormone, and seems to be the root cause of everything linked to physical ED. Weak thyroid = low testosterone = low CO2. Improving thyroid hormone status through diet, and even perhaps through light therapy, is one of the first things that should be attempted by men wanting to address their ED.


Another key hormone in the impotence world. High prolactin levels literally kill an erection [14] This is best shown by how prolactin levels skyrocket in the refractory period after orgasm, significantly reducing libido and making it hard to ‘get it up’ again. That’s just a temporary issue however– the real problem is when baseline prolactin levels rise over time due to mixture of diet and lifestyle influences. Essentially your body can be in something similar to that post-orgasmic state permanently. There are several ways to tackle long term prolactin issues, including by improving thyroid status..

Red, Infrared? What’s the best?

Going by the research, the most commonly studied lights output either red or near-infrared light– both are studied. There are several factors to consider on top of that though:.


Various wavelengths have a potent effect on our cells, but there’s more to consider. Infrared light at 830nm penetrates much deeper than light at 670nm for example. The 670nm light is thought to be more likely to dissociate NO from mitochondria though, which is of particular interest for ED. Red wavelengths also showed better safety when applied to the testes, which is important here too.

What to avoid.

Heat. Applying heat to genital area is not a good idea for men. Testes are extremely sensitive to heat and one of the primary functions of the scrotum is heat regulation– maintaining a temperature lower than normal body temperature. This means any source of red/infrared light that also emits a significant amount of heat will not be effective for ED. Testosterone and other measures of fertility helpful to ED will be harmed by inadvertently heating the testes.
Blue & UV. Extended exposure of blue and UV light to the genital area will have negative effects on things like testosterone and in the long-term general ED, due to the harmful interactions of these wavelengths with mitochondria. Blue light is sometimes reported as beneficial for ED. It’s worth noting that blue light is linked to mitochondrial and DNA damage in the long term, so, like viagra, probably has negative long-term effects.
Using a source of red or infrared light anywhere on the body, even unrelated areas like the back or arm for example, as a proactive anti-stress therapy for extended periods (15mins+) is something that many online have noticed beneficial effects from on ED and also morning wood. It seems that a large enough dose of light anywhere on the body, ensures molecules like CO2 produced in the local tissue enter the blood stream, leading to the beneficial effects mentioned above in other areas of the body.


  • Red & Infrared light may be of interest to erectile dysfunction.
  • Various potential mechanisms including CO2, NO, testosterone.
  • More research required to confirm.
  • Red (600-700nm) seems slightly more appropriate but NIR too.
  • Absolutely best range may be 655-675nm.
  • Do not apply heat to the genital area.


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