What is Red Light Therapy?

Red light therapy (RLT) also known as photobiomodulation (PBM) is a technology that was developed by NASA in the 1980’s. Vital Red Light Therapy devices emit red and near-infrared (NIR) light that is naturally emitted by the sun.


skin rejuvenation and healing


reduced pain, inflammation

How Does RLT Work?

Red light therapy uses red and near infrared light to penetrate deep into the skin for a healing effect. Red light therapy is like photosynthesis for your skin and body. It essentially gives damaged cells the energy necessary to heal themselves with the help of specific wavelengths of light. You’ll step away from your device feeling happier, less stressed, and you’ll enjoy deeper sleep

  • Clinically Proven Wavelengths
  • Safe & Easy UV-Free Treatments

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Why Do We Need Healthy Light?

  • Just like we as humans need food, water, and oxygen to function properly – we also need healthy light. Light regulates our brain’s chemistry and vital circadian rhythms that control appetite, energy, mood, sleep, libido and much more.
  • Every metabolic process, every enzyme reaction, muscular movements, the digestion of food, and the burning of fat are all biological processes that are augmented by natural light energy.
  • We need an abundance of natural light to look, feel, and live our best – and red light therapy benefits are here to help.

Scientifically Proven Light Therapy Benefits

  • Vital Red Light device were developed on a technology pioneered by NASA.
  • Red light therapy has been studied in over 500 human trials and 4,000 lab studies to date.
  • Treatments deliver all of the beneficial wavelengths of light, without the harmful UV rays.

Red Light & Mitochondria

A key mechanism of red light therapy is to trigger the energy generators of your cells, known as the mitochondria to produce more:

8-health benefits in one device

Reactive Oxygen Species

Nitric Oxide

How Does It Work?

Using Light Therapy in 3 Easy Steps

Turn on Your Vital Red Light Device

Flip on your Vital Red Light device. Shine the light on the area the body you wish to treat. Experience the healing power of natural red light.

Sit Back and Relax for 10-minutes

Sit back and relax in front of the light for 10 minutes while listening to music, meditating, reading a book, or drinking your morning coffee.

Get Lasting Benefits All-Day Long

Capture the endorphins released and get ready to feel refreshed, recharged, and ready to own the day (or sleep blissfully). you will walk away feeling lighter, refreshed, and happier – guaranteed!